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Europeans! Should the E.U countries bailout Greece? 

119 deviants said i have no ideea
52 deviants said no (why?)
50 deviants said i`m neutral
41 deviants said yes (why?)

Devious Comments

mhtcka Mar 1, 2010  Professional Artist
1/ greece is only one in the series of 'poor' southern countries to be enslaved with debts that are programmed and executed by the great anglo-saxon banks and multinational enterprises
2/ it is a european union member, not only to pay taxes imposed by EU, but to get help when needed, otherwise what union are we talking about?
3/ european union should start doing more about the various social problems (poverty, famine, unemployment, ecology and justice) of its members than giving away money to the bank gangs in order to "save crisis"

it's a good circumstance now to see what this union is really about...
I believe the EU have some sort of a 'duty of care' over all its members including Greece.
yes , becouse thay wnat macedonia to change thair name and identity
beaucoupzero Mar 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
i was not aware of that.why would they want that?
thay think that we are greek and our history is thers
crystall Feb 25, 2010
Wow this is pretty tight.
I think the EU should help Greece because it desperately needs to get political. If Europe is to stay a great power, we (I'm French) have to get away from the current dead-end. So the EU has to become more like a federation, to stop accepting too many members, and to try and have a real political weight. Seriously, Copenhagen has shown that nobody cares about the EU, particularly Obama and Hu Jintao.
A bailout to Greece would be a great first step into a greater committment of all the member countries into the union.
its called a union, just becuase greece isnt doing so good (they also lied I know) but if youd throw them out its not a union anymore and besides a lot of countries arent doing so good..

Politics, useless =.=
european UNION.. we are in this together.. imo.. and if we help them now in the future we will probably be better of.. more stability..
socionik Feb 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im really dissappointed of our financial status right now..i live in Greece,i wish we could handle the situation differently,i wish we could become the summer touristic target as we enclude as a country every different aspect of beauty..
unfortunately, Greece has a long history of wars..too bad we didnt catch the rennaissance..everything might be different now..
beaucoupzero Mar 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
: ) how much is the income tax at the moment?
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