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Are computers good for the mankind in the long term? 

78 deviants said yes
31 deviants said i have no clue
24 deviants said no

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Vive-Le-Rock May 18, 2006  Student General Artist
it's nice to be able to communicate with people from all over but in the long term computers, like all tecnology, just ruin people.
They do stuff for us...

We get lazy and we stop using our brains in certain ways...

The only danger is that if everything is conected and depend on a computer, if the computer stop working we will lnot be able to do enything...

people work through computers, and do things that cannot or don't know how to do them without a computer. If for any reason computers dissappear one day our civilization will go years back.

We cannot gain something without loosing something else..
So we gain easyness in work and life, but some day i'm afraid we'll have to pay the price...
uanna May 18, 2006  Professional General Artist
beaucoupzero May 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
si io cred la fel
astia nu prea
uanna May 19, 2006  Professional General Artist
astia nu stie :nod:
Computers rule the world. Especialy the my world :jarkinajar:
beaucoupzero May 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
The longterm of mankind is self-destruction.

anyway, mankind will perish before being able of make computers 'smart' enough to turn against us. (just my doom theory)
no... everything's on the downfall ever since the creation of the microchip :rofl: The human brain is, and will be far more evolved in comparisson to the fastest computer on earth... eventually the computer will be catching up to our thinking speed, but still random choices, and intuition, to the fullest intent of this word, will be untouchable by such a machine. We might be able to train our brains to accomplish something with the same speed as with a computer, but a computer will most likely never be able to create something on its own, personal endeavour. :P
They are useful since they do the things we don't have patience to do, but they are bad because of the fact that they force us into some sort of illusion of having limits... those limits belong to the machines you're using, while your minds still know no such boundaries.(of course unless you're mentally challanged :slow: and by that, I do not intend to offend such people, if they are amongst us. :hug: )
Long-term, short-term... just the same. I can find both positive and negative aspects of using a computer for both timespans.

All the best,
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