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What do u think of the French deportations of Roma people (Gypsies)? 

72 deviants said I think it is a wrong decission (why?)
58 deviants said I do not know.
22 deviants said I think it is a right descission(why?)

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SoulTwo Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
They can't really be integrated, because they don't want to integrate into society. I see it everyday, I'm from Romania and I have a better clue about what's really happening. I'm not sayin' they're all the same, because they're not. I actually get along really well with some gypsies, but the others... meh...
I know few gypsies families and they are even better than some bulgarians. Of course, most of them are nightmare- you all know. I don't know if this is wrong or not, but in my personal opinion , you can;t deal with the gypsies with good. They just don't appreciate it. The don't care. i'v been a witness to how the goverment gave alway new appartments to the gypsies and the very next day, everything is crashed, the wood from the windows is picked so they can make a fire. Tell me, is this human? Not to mention all of the pickpocketing, stealing electricity, etc.. Or maybe this is human?
Most of these people are monsters!not in a good way like the monsers in my fantasies. :(
I'm french - I totally agree with what has been said before : mass deportation and stereotyping are pure fascism. Shameful.
I'm French. Shame on us.
crystall Sep 17, 2010
It is absolutely ridiculous. The idea is to pretend to be solving a much larger problem (integration of immigrants, etc., it is a very big issue in France) by sending only one category of people back home.
A lot of French people (including myself) are ashamed of all this.
ravivasavan Sep 16, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Terrible case of mass stereotyping.
mass deportation is not a solution since they get that 300 euro every person they are glat to go back home for free i'm 100% sure they will go back to France Italy etc ..the only way to do this is populate Canada with them make a country and mass deport there ..but the problem is how they make money??!! ... they steal from each other ?? ..from animals :) cuz they don;t like to work ,learn ...etc not all the gypsies are the same... i have some friends that have good businesses they work and respect the society, but most of them are thiefs, they have like ten five to ten kids or more,and they fucking multiply faster then salmons the end i hate that kind of gypsies i;m not a bad person i actualy feel pity for old ppl or ppl with problems but gypsies no.... i fucking hate them..:)
Thyia Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
What next?Ethnic cleansing?
To satisfy a targeted group of people, certain vitriolic politicians can go a long way to save face.
Its a sad fact coming from a G8 nation.Like osmosis, people will always flow from lower socio-economic strata to developed strata.If developed nations want talented immigrants, then they also have to put up with the "unwanted immigrants".
France can take better care of them and offer them better opportunities than Romania or Bulgaria or other Eastern European countries.
And honestly, it's time for all of Western Europe to lead by example and show Romania and other countries with large gypsy populations how they can be integrated into their societies.
beaucoupzero Sep 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
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