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Do you think marijuana should be legal? 

89 deviants said yes (motivate your answer)
24 deviants said no (motivate your answer)
16 deviants said i like alcohol
16 deviants said what kind of a stupid question is that?r u that bored beaucoupzero?
10 deviants said i don t know
4 deviants said i use other substances

Devious Comments

Jellyfish103 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
deffinitely!! I'm telling ya brothers and sisters, this plant will save the world.
Not only it makes your mind more open and your personality more creative, but it actually heal people. People in serious conditions!!!
Don't forget that hemp is actully pretty good alternative for making paper. it grows faster and everywhere. it would be way cheaper than wood to process and would not cause the same environmental problems as paper does.......

Marijuana cant harm you, just people have to learn how to use it!!
parkourgru Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
da pt ca m-am plictisit de alcool si special brownies
Takouviski Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006
Look, here in brasil the drug wars kills many ppl, itīs real stupid to fight a health problem like a political one, itīs not the drugs, but the poverty , the real villain here...
but they always blame it on the grass or coke ...
oh well ...
acidophill Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2006  Student
i smoke grass but i canīt in order she was legal, becouse it would change mentality peopleīs->and that i dont smok grass lightly...itīs good relax, inspiration, but at times itīs all big depression..this is my mind... :butterflytwo:
dopaminart Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006  Professional General Artist
Does it make any fun at all if its legalized? O_o
beaucoupzero Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
u do have a very strong point my friend....
dopaminart Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Professional General Artist
Yes, I think so. When I remember the times I was stoned the whole day, I think I wouldve lost the fun to carry my weed with me. :)
It really looses its coolness, and people wont enjoy smoking cause its NORMAL. Imagine: could you sit around with your friends and brew a cup of coffee in a celebrating way like you smoke a bong? HAHA. Oh yes, how cool would it be if coffee is illegal? :P
beaucoupzero Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
u r right but here u can get some serious years in prison...romanians r that stupid lol i hope that the EU thing in 2007 will ease the laws here ...
dopaminart Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Professional General Artist
Really? Damn. We are allowed to carry up to 10g if your +18. And the Police wont report an offense.
Anything whats more than 10g seems like your dealing with it, so you get some more problems.
So its not THAT big deal here in Germany. :)
Good luck to you bro! :nod:
beaucoupzero Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
people are stupid here man
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