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I think the next world conflict will be in: 

77 deviants said 1 year or less
38 deviants said 2 years
24 deviants said 5 years
11 deviants said more then ten years
11 deviants said never
10 deviants said 10 years

Devious Comments

i dont want a fallout :[
"world conflict"...more than ten years. civil wars and so on....lessa than 1 year
the next world conflit will be in about 2 seconds. and the next 2 seconds, and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next andthenextandthenextandthenextandhtenext andhtenextandthenext andthenextandthenext.

and i keep hoping that the next will be the end of mother earth's suffering. the trees should eat us.
People are rather pessimist. When you say WORLD CONFLICT, I anticipate WWIII. In which case not for another hundred years, after the degradation of many governments, because world leaders are smart/self-interested enough to not get into wars they have no business in.

They much rather profit off the backs of both warring countries.

:/ There has been a lot of mounting tension lately. And that is just pretty sad. Nobody wants to give in. Right now there are a lot of conflicts in a lot of areas of the world (uh did we forget about Darfur already...), and with the Israeli-Lebanon conflict/war-thing, I think more people are realising that the world is going crazier every minute. I mean, every time you open up a newspaper, there's war staring right at you in the face. The tough job of a leader is choosing between staying out of it or going in to help solve it--you get criticised either way. On one hand, you can let it go and hope the problem resolves itself internally, and people say you are completely insensitive to other countries' problems. On the other hand, you butt in, people say you stick your heads in too many places, and you risk a global war. ):

I wonder what would happen if every country decided to go on an isolationist policy. Maybe just for a while...
Vive-Le-Rock Jul 18, 2006  Student General Artist
i see most people are convinced that it'll be in a year or less.. and i am too. then it depends on what people mean by WORLD conflict... i seriously don't understand why so many people listen to the assholes in charge!!
PaperWhale Jul 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its gonna be so gay if theres ww3, it might be soon. 1-2 years
tigereyeY3K Jul 18, 2006
What, no 'any minute now' option? :P
SmirapDesigns Jul 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Let's just hope Iran doesn't get involved in this, or else things will get much worse...
i mean really bad.
beaucoupzero Jul 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
i don t think they stand a chance man
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