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Stem cell(… ) treatments 

58 deviants said yes (why?)
6 deviants said no (why?)

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It's really silly to put down something with so much potential to really help and change things in a positive way, just because of some poorly thought out arguments. The arguments made against stem cell research are just copies of the arguments for most things, such as abortion. People need to learn to think for, and educate, themselves.

Has anyone heard Lewis Black's view on this? It's HILARIOUS! I suggest looking it up on Youtube. Though he is just a comedian making a joke, he makes a pretty valid point when you think about it.
I've heard they can get what they need now without destroying the embryo! That might change some peoples views.
beaucoupzero Sep 30, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I'm 100% in support of stem cell research.

Thing like this should not be political issues, politicians are idiots, and the masses are too.

It's like the dark ages all over again - the church is still controlling the masses :|
beaucoupzero Sep 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
u r totaly right man the church is still controlling the masses....
i don't think its right to be messin with things that wern't intended to be messed with. Just my opinion. Not looking for arguement.
I don't know what to say... I'm not exactly the conservative type, to say "stem-cell" research is "evil" but... still, I don't really think that using stem-cell technology in every possible domain will lead to a positive effect on mankind. Indeed it's important to find new cures, new ways to help man, and still, with every saved man, that must have died, another living one will have to suffer in the near/far future. Saving too many lives leads to an overcrowded planet... and well... I already feel quite crowded...
From another point of view, using stem-cells as a possible replacement of organ-transfers may sound like a good idea.
In conclusion... I vote for reserch :headbang: FTW
sheld0n Sep 22, 2006   Digital Artist
i thot votes were more important than lives...
well im actually a biologist as you all know, and i find stem cells very usefull. all pros are far better than cons. just. YES...
skaffa Sep 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
yes! i've always wanted to have a second elbow
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