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How do you think nanotechnology will change our world? 

32 deviants said State here.
19 deviants said State here.

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Februar Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007   Artisan Crafter
the direction in which the world evolves is no good.
dkstelo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
the good...-nano medicine small doctors in our sistem..mp3 players in our freaking ears size of earplugs.... maybe

the bad...-more spionage, more tech wars upcoming... just wait
WishRecurred Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007
well essentially, if it lives up to its potential, then whatever the imagination holds can become a reality. Materials at first will be very expensive, but once the technology becomes somewhat commonplace, then the materials will be very inexpensive, if not free. Ok in the digital world, everything is customizable, and rarely is anything permanent. Soon the real world will be like that. You might be able to wear clothes that you never have to wash, and in the tag there might be a wireless connection to your computer so that you can upload a different design every day. YOu can buy your blank collared shirt, your blank t-shirt, blank sweater, we will be able to be much more expressive when it comes to real world existence. Just think of your house paint as the same thing, upload a new wallpaper whenever you get tired of the one you have. You could also keep nanobodies in your bloodstream that restore the elasticity of your skin constantly, so we never really get old unless we desire to. Computers will obviously be incomprehensibly fast. Advertisement will be fucking more annoying than ever. But it will force humanity into a new paradigm of creative thinking. Perhaps we will be integrated with technology so are thinking is less clumsy. Hopefully there will be no technology that completely eradicates sleep. But the idealist nanoutopia is very far away. The initial costs of the technology will prove a very large obstacle to cross I think, also the fear of the unknown that is blatantly present within all of us (see all the prior comments) will affect legislation rulings on the research that is allowed in a lot of the democratic countries. I mean i hear 2025-2035. But really come on...just take a look at technology 15 years ago...its basically primitive, the curve of acceleration will be very hard to slow down.
tanoGFX Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007
State here.

Just kiddin'! XP I'd say that nanos'll be Harder, Faster, Better, Naner XD They will definitively change our world, and there'll also be a lot of troubles with the laws, I think... nowadays you can have a photo camera on your cellphone, in my country it's illegal to use the phone in some places, so think what it'll be when you won't be able to see whether you're being pointed or not!
ilabstudios Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
Nano-Technology already has begun to change our world we just don't know it yet.
It's scientific methods are being used in more and more of our stuff in the future, most commonly the "future car".

As a futurist myself, I believe in 2025 and maybe even sooner, we will see a vast change in technology. The only concern I have is, from my experience in research, I have begun to understand that not many people in this world want, "change" and assume they might not be able to adapt, where as places like parts of Germany and Japan have already started.

I found some cool documentaries on this topic:

nourozi Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
ipod nanos will be even nano - er
nourozi Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
more ipod nanos!
valpnow Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
nano-what? :D
DISENT Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
well it was hard choice in the poll....but I hope they will make computers that can run photoshop smoothly ;)
Mark0248 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
Oh noes gray goo apocalypse D:

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