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How do you think nanotechnology will change our world? 

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As a chemistry graduate, I just know some stuff about nanomaterials, so I can't talk confidently about the whole nanotechnology world. What I've heard is that research is still quite in the beggining, and in my opinion it will still be a long time until widespread applications are produced. Synthesis of these products is still quite expensive. But research only for the sake of knowledge is how most things start!

One thing that saddens me, though, after reading some comments: why do some people hear nanotechnology and think of chips under the skin, or hear biotecnology and think bad of it? We should have an open mind, and don't judge too quickly. After all, one of the most widespread uses of nanoparticles right now is something as inoffensive as a component in greener washing powders... :earth:
yep!robots are forever :)
i don't think it will be as fast as you think :P
and it's gonna cost lots of money. mainly, it will be used in medicine and war related situations.
Work It Harder,
Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger
I think they won't want to push it too much. I'd like to see nanomachines at work on a television or a motorcycle though. You can basically give it the shell you want when it comes to that, no? I don't think they'll be able to control soldiers ;)
all will smaller and peoples too
So - i think that our world will change peoples.
We are creaters nanotechnology.:heart:

haha - No we, but peoples who are working with technologies ;)
Robots will take us over.
Humans are inefficient.
Skynet is online.
Be scared.
read "the hyperion cantos" by dan simmons and you could have a glance ;)

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