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How do you think nanotechnology will change our world? 

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men with small dicks will be pornstars?
nize-one Sep 7, 2007   Interface Designer
spammail: smaller your penis xD
cant wait for those! hhaha
A world full of tecnical supporters...
what a wierd thing to ask about
archanN Sep 5, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
well I think yes. but ofcourse everything has its ups and downs. what do u think?

If it doesn't turn out like Biotechnology it will be all right. I've written too many essays on the subject to say it once again. Put in simple words nanotech gives lots of promises, it's a new thing and it gets lots of hype. Don't confuse science fiction with science. Some products are already out, but no one even notices. See?
If scientists don't get ahead of themselves as they usually do, it might turn out to be a really good thing.
OhAnneli Sep 5, 2007  Professional General Artist
smaller. faster. more complicated technically but easier for user. but harder to fix if anything goes wrong. nanotechnology might save lives but also track people down like foxes, I don't know. All science is scary to me. The smaller, the easier to hide and the harder for other people to mess with. Mad professors will rule the world. Err... I'm gonna end my story here. Peace :peace:
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