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Half-Life 2 ep 2 vs Crysis ( a gaming pool ) 

64 deviants said half life rocks (why)
37 deviants said crysis rocks (why)

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dr3k Nov 24, 2007  Student
HL is epic. Period.
fee1 Nov 24, 2007   Digital Artist
hl dude!
team fortress for the win ;)

(portal also rocks)
Never played Crysis, it looks cool though but The Orange box is pretty sick!
beaucoupzero Nov 23, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
yeah orange box is cool
even though it is not a good comparison, i prefer hl because of the story ;)
Good story always has the upper hand! Graphics aren' tthat important. -> i still play half life1(mods) and it still rocks
Computer's run it if you're reasonable about your expectations. And even in this case it still looks AMAZING (medium settings, say). And it has moments of gameplay that far exceed the FUN of HL2. PLUS it has MASSIVE replay value.

HL2 is perhaps more firnedly in terms of the type of action it delivers and when it gives it. But Crysis has it beat every where else.

This coming from a guy that love HL2 by the way!
beaucoupzero Nov 23, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
yes i it does have a more complex gameplay but i almost broke my fingers trying it.
i agree on the replay value.
BlackInk-- Nov 21, 2007  Professional Filmographer
ok for starters, half life has one of the most amazing stories, great loveable characters and a brillent company behind it that continue to evole and push the envolope with their games. they also take extra care to make sure their games run well if your computer wasn't bought yesterday!!
crysis has obviously better graphics and dynamics - but - it's because of this that it means you have to have bought your computer within a few months of it's realease or it runs like shit! my comp was top of the range in feburary this year, all the games ran great, but i didn't even finish the crysis demo it was so poor lol, i didn't feel i was doing it justice by playing it like maybe in a couple of years crysis, but for now it's me and valve, all the way :love:
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