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Global warming 

404 deviants said Caused by human activity
126 deviants said Caused by forces bigger than human activity

Devious Comments

lpowell Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2009
To be honest global warming isn't high on my list of intellectual priorities, i.e. I don't have piles of statistics lying around at my fingertips to quote at you. I get the feeling you don't either. Were we to talk metaphysics, things would be different.

That said, some general sources I know of are, and a pair of books entitled Cool It (by Bjorn Lomborg) and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism (by Christopher C. Horner). As always, there are almost certainly counterarguments to the arguments those will present you, and counterarguments to those counterarguments, and so on in a viscous cycle. Use Google. My point is that you can't afford to be dogmatic or intellectually complacent when the stakes are this high, and the level of scientific agreement is largely exaggerated by certain sectors of the media.

Be warned that most of the people who disbelieve anthropogenic global warming are very conservative and very unapologetic about it. I, being neither socially nor economically conservative for the most part, am not one of those people. But don't dismiss them out of hand for their political views; that would amount to ad hominem.
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